How might we improve the experience of vulnerable Senior communities?


Disruptive Design, School of Visual Arts


Group project


New York City

Personal Contribution

  • Conducted design research with a team of five.

  • Built relationships with food pantries to facilitate research activities.

  • Created weekly field guides for research.

  • Developed research prototypes and probes to derive insights about the unmet needs of the homeless seniors. 

  • Emerged as a  de facto process manager and ensured that everyone in the team felt included.

How might we improve the experience of vulnerable senior populations? 

How might we improve homeless seniors’ food access?

The Research

Over the course of 10 weeks our team spent more than 33 hours conducting observations. We reached 16 sites and directly interviewed nine homeless seniors. We spoke with other stakeholders like volunteers, social workers, and program managers. We also conducted additional interviews to solicit feedback on our prototypes.

To understand the ground realities of our population deeply, and identify their pain points in obtaining food, we spoke to multiple stakeholders, and used some of these design research tools.


Pain Points and Insights