Employee Wellness

How might we create a comprehensive system - program, services, physical locations- that integrates employee health and wellbeing into the workplace and daily experiences?


hiCOlab, University of Vermont


Design Research Intern


Burlington, VT

Insight 1.

Employees wanted well-being woven into their workday

"....right now in medicine, people are burdened. They’re overworked. There's not enough time. And there's all these pressures. And they want you to do all this stuff and make less money at the same time. That all breeds this negativity that can really affect how your day is at work…"

The Pivot.

We needed to address these insights for employees to achieve optimal well-being. After conferring with stakeholders in our design sprint, we narrowed our focus to one problem that encompassed our insights. On the basis of feasibility, desirability, and viability, we chose the following problem statement: How might we infuse habitual acts of appreciation and gratitude throughout the employees’ daily experiences?