Skill Based


Here is a snapshot of some of the projects I have done that have kept the “human” at the center of the process. 

Sisters Can

“Sisters Can” is a curriculum that guides Yemeni immigrant mothers to plan their career paths. It uses the power of inter-community storytelling to inform and inspire. 

Designing Employee Wellness

As an intern at hiCOlab, I had to find innovative ways to integrate health and well-being into the workplace and daily experiences of a hospital’s employees. 

Designing a Fellowship Experience 

MODA required us to design an experience that inspired visitors to envision a better future and advocate for change-making designs. We designed a fellowship experience to expand MODA’s audience to socially-conscious youth and create a community of advocates.

The Leftover's Cafe

Redesigning and improving vulnerable seniors access to food in New York City using various user research tools. 

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