Children will be able to discover the why behind the value, name  and articulate the meaning of the value.


Children will be able to identify the value in different real life situations. 


Children will be able to demonstrate a value in a given task.


Children will be able to share examples of the values they witnessed through the day with the rest of the class.



HCD is inclusive

The HCD process focuses on looking at the problem holistically, from multiple lenses (every stakeholder involved in the process) which almost changes the way we look at problems. It builds quality of the results. It helps us see the unseen - identify the opportunity.

Community drivers of the process

I believe community/People have the answers, no one has asked them. We are mere facilitators.  HCD prioritizes the lived experiences of those most affected the problem and hence are kept in the centre of the entire process. 

Builds “power”

When you are hearing the voices of those affected by a problem, you are decentralising power to the community and building their power. 

Innovation doesn’t need to be fancy, it has to be effective

Innovation should not have to be "fancy" it has to be sustainable and impactful. 

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