How might we create conversations that inspire internal reflection?

This project is an attempt to break the restricted single narrative related to Arab Muslim immigrant women trying to find employment in New York City. We needed to provide the women with a representation of the possible, by telling them stories of women from their communities who have previously navigated the process of finding jobs in the city. Stories that are often not told. We wanted to create an exchange in ideas not only between the role models and the women, but also create one within the women in the community. What we also wanted was to create a space for the women to be able to talk about challenges real to their identities. 

Yemeni American Merchant Association (our partner organization) has agreed to make this curriculum a part of their ESL classes, and is also going to use our project as a tool to encourage more women in their community to join those classes. Elana and I have put a lot of heart into this project. One of my driving factors has been a desire to make voices feel heard. And by encouraging Yemeni mothers’ voices by providing them agency, we envisioned this project to not just provide role models to them, but to also make them see themselves as role models for future generations. 

The following video explains the entire project.