Skill Based

Here is a snapshot of some of the projects I have done that have kept the “human” at the center of the process. 

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O3 Schools Learning Platform

Designed an online platform targeted to provide social emotional learning (SEL) for K-8 students in the US.

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The Tale of Trash

Tale of Trash is a brain-teaser game to get students to think deeply about how to reuse materials in multiple parts of our life. The point of the game is for players to talk about and reimagine how we can reuse trash in our everyday settings, through past and new experiences. 

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Visualizing Access to Education

Using Tableau and QGIS, we used data of the school quality, children’s race, and economic need index to plot graphs that visualized the access to education in New York City. We used these to make inferences about the relationship between race and quality education in New York. 

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S.E.L Through Play

In a Data Visualization project, through a comparative analysis of social emotional learning (S.E.L) in US and Indian schools,  I explored barriers to S.E.L in Indian schools and I identified intervention points and ideated on prototype solutions. 

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Designing Employee Wellness

As an intern at hiCOlab, I had to find innovative ways to integrate health and well-being into the workplace and daily experiences of a hospital’s employees. 

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Walls to Teach

Redesigning and improving vulnerable seniors access to food in New York City using various user research tools. 

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Sisters Can

“Sisters Can” is a curriculum that guides Yemeni immigrant mothers to plan their career paths. It uses the power of inter-community storytelling to inform and inspire. This curriculum was co-created with the Yemeni immigrant community in New York City. 

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Designing a Fellowship Experience 

MODA required us to design an experience that inspired visitors to envision a better future and advocate for change-making designs. We designed a fellowship experience to expand MODA’s audience to socially-conscious youth and create a community of advocates.

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Values for Change

Designed and implemented a school-wide social emotional learning curriculum using the design-thinking framework. 

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Designing Conversations

As an independent project, Elana and I design conversations that give groups the space to reflect on their own actions, and ideate what actionable steps they can to be a catalyst for change in the bigger system.

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The Leftover's Cafe

Redesigning and improving vulnerable seniors access to food in New York City using various user research tools. 

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Lit Up

I wanted to build social emotional wellness for children from marginalized backgrounds in India to empower them to become responsible, confident and compassionate human beings and use AI and technology to reach the masses.